Today, rapid and accurate acquisition of knowledge is essential. Accelerated Learning Systems can help you achieve this, and make learning an enjoyable and satisfying experience.

This web site will introduce you to the unique range of home-study programs developed by Accelerated Learning Systems Ltd in the UK, and allow you to explore the research background and scope of each.


Each of us has a 'preferred learning style', a way of learning that suits us best. If we can use this style, we can learn more naturally and, therefore, more easily, with better results and more quickly. Hence the method's name, Accelerated Learning.

We also do not have a fixed single 'IQ', but a range of at least seven different forms of intelligence. It is the unique way in which we each apply our mixture of intelligences that accounts for individual learning preferences. When the way you are taught matches closely to the way you like to learn, results improve significantly.

Accelerated Learning uses music, pictures, imagery and interactive activities and ensures that the learner is relaxed and enjoys the learning process.

Its unique synthesis of varying methods of input for information, with creation of long-term memory through processing by multiple intelligences, and activation of that memory in effective ways, is truly the way to unlocking the immense potential of your brain.